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Body Cameras for Security

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Body Cameras in Security - Capturing Evidence at the Flick of a Switch

Evidence management software and body-worn cameras play a crucial role in the private security sector. Without this footage, many altercations cannot be learned from or result in prosecution. In addition, utilising these systems benefits staff training and captures valuable evidence to reveal the truth.

Security staff are often the first on the scene of an incident as they work in various public-facing environments. But, unfortunately, they increasingly face incidents of aggression or violence as they step in to protect people.
Reveal's body-worn Cameras allow for interactions with the public to be entirely transparent, acting as an independent witness to help resolve situations quickly and giving confidence to staff in their decision making.

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Unrivalled Performance: The K-series and D-Series are solidly built with unbreakable security, ultra-low light, HD video, full-shift battery, and a front-facing screen. This robust design, paired with the world's leading evidence management software makes our body camera system the go-to solution for Fire and Rescue services.

Articulated camera head: A fully adjustable camera head gives you the control and flexibility you need to capture the right images and adapt your recording to multiple scenarios faced by response teams. Our body cameras can be worn in a variety of ways, such as head mounted on a helmet, on people of all shapes and sizes, or mounted in vehicles, or become a handheld camera.

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Front Facing Screen:This signature Reveal body camera feature has a proven calming effect on people being recorded and maximises transparency with the public, which when faced with heightened tension of an emergency scene, helps give confidence to Security Personnel and witnesses that decision making, and actions remain clear.

Intuitive Design: Reveal has always put design at the forefront of our product philosophy. We understand that users want to feel an affinity with what they wear and the equipment they use. Our intuitive red sliding switch activates the camera with a single, quick and simple action making it which makes it extremely easy to operate for officers on the go.

Top 5 reasons why security firms choose Reveal?

1. De-escalate violence and aggression

Demonstrate accountability and prove professionalism by using the signature front-facing screen, which has a proven calming effect on those being recorded, maximising transparency between staff and the public.

2. Improve transparency and accountability

Gain better coverage of a scenario with the articulated camera head, which allows the camera to be worn in various places on people of all shapes and sizes.

3. Deter false allegations

Empower your officers to be confident and professional whatever the interaction. The one-touch record function is a positive action that confirms activation, so everyone involved in the scenario can see and hear when the body camera is recording.

4. Improve officer training

Piece together the whole story, whatever time of day by using the ultra low light capabilities of the D-series that far exceeds any other body camera on the market, and superior quality audiovisual capture that helps bring clarity to actions taken and decisions made.

5. Improve accuracy and security in record keeping

Take full control of your body camera solution and manage your evidence how you want. You can choose to have your DEMS 360 hosted on-premises or on our secure cloud server. You always remain in control, not tied to long term storage contracts.