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Body Cameras in the Police More so than ever, police require an independent, impartial witness, and the public is requesting transparency. Our evidence management software and body-worn cameras with front-facing screens have been designed in close partnership with the officers who use them to protect those on both sides of the lens.
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Body Cameras for Security Evidence management software and body-worn cameras play a crucial role in the private security sector. Without this footage, many altercations cannot be learned from or result in prosecution. In addition, utilising these systems benefits staff training and captures valuable evidence to reveal the truth.
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Body Cameras for Retail Our solutions assist in reducing the number of incidents in retail by deterring aggression towards store associates to improve their well-being and confidence. Body-worn video can also contribute to reduced loss prevention and improved asset protection, offering assured video evidence for greater chances of successful prosecution.
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Body Cameras for Healthcare Body camera footage has played an essential part in mitigating violent and aggressive incidents in healthcare settings. The Calla front-facing screen is proven to deter aggression, de-escalate situations and provide an independent account of incidents, supporting the public and safeguarding staff.
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Body Cameras for Local Government Body-worn cameras and the software supporting them and storing footage act as impartial and independent witnesses. They eliminate unfair challenges towards the council's civil enforcement officer's decision making and offer real-time information when in contact with community members.
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Body Cameras for Prison Service Corrections staff often have to defuse hostile situations and reduce complaints. Prisons utilizing Reveal body-worn cameras, on a global level, benefit from improved prisoner behavior and provide a transparent, impartial, and independent account of events stored securely on DEMS 360.
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Body Cameras for Fire and Rescue Service Our body-worn camera and digital evidence management software play a crucial role in the Fire and Rescue service, from staff training on the frontline to the capture of evidence in rescue missions and other tense situations where public and staff safety is paramount.
Body Cameras in Transportation We supply smart, efficient and secure body cameras to Transportation firms. By acting as an impartial and independent sequence of events, DEMS 360 eliminates challenges on law enforcement legitimacy and offers real-time information when in contact with members of the community.
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Body Cameras for Sport Verbal, physical and threatening abuse towards officials, even young referees under the age of eighteen, seems to have only increased since the return of grassroots level sports post-lockdown with new research suggesting it's reached a crisis point.