Parking inspector records violent tirade on a Reveal RS2-X2 body camera


A driver has been caught unleashing a physical and verbal attack on a parking inspector in Toowoomba, Australia.

The incident was captured on the parking inspector's RS2-X2 body camera with the angry driver filmed as he unleashed a tirade of profanity.

"You f---ing touch my car you a---hole," the man is filmed saying.

"I have the authority and I am more than what you are to touch the car," the parking inspector replies.

"That's my f---ing car you w----r, I own the f---ing thing so don't tell me you're qualified to touch my f---ing car," the angry car owner responded.

The confrontation then escalated with the parking inspector shoved.

A growing number of Queensland councils are turning to body cams to provide evidence in court, to protect inspectors and to defuse potentially ugly incidents.

"I think we all recognise that being a parking attendant is not an easy job," Toowoomba Mayor Paul Antonio said.

The Reveal body cameras are supplied by their dedicated reseller Defence Systems Australia. Director Karl Baumgartner told 9NEWS they are designed to send a message to potential attackers.

"It has a forward facing screen which shows the public that they're being filmed as they approach," he said.

The front facing screen has been shown to often diffuse and prevent aggressive behaviour.