Body Cameras in Retail
Body Cameras in Retail


How Body Cameras Can Help Retailers Implement Post-Lockdown Operations

The world has changed since lockdown. Businesses need to adapt to an ever-changing retail environment as they prepare to reopen amid restrictions and tension amongst customers.

We need to be ready and as we start to prepare for the reopening of stores it is likely that some virus control restrictions will continue to be necessary to limit transmission. The safety and well-being of every retailers’ staff and customers is a top priority...British Retail Consortium

5 New Challenges Facing Retail Post Lockdown

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has identified a number of challenges that retailers may face in a post-lockdown environment.

  1. A safety first approach
  2. Changing customer behaviour
  3. Customer fatigue
  4. New types of complaints
  5. Aggressive customers

Body cameras can be used as part of short or long term safety strategy, and can be rolled out in a variety of ways, such as targeting high risk stores, or placing them on key staff within a store with the aim of profit loss prevention and enhancing safety.